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What could be done...

I've seen this posted many times in the past few days. I usually don't see the appeal of reading things similar to this one. However, it's beautifully written and it shows the insights of a man who truly tried to look back and see what he could do differently AND better the next time. I think it applies to both men and women.


Oh holy molly

I have been gone from LJ for so long that these new layout changes are, well, confusing (actually, not Mac friendly).

A lot has happened in the past few months, but the most important one is that--without even looking for it--I got a job. OK. One job that turns into two? In any case, it's challenging and OMG it's eating all my GRE-studying time, but I feel satisfied. Only problem, I still have to deal with my previous job. The darn thing keeps coming back in one way or the other and, while I do like and am friends with the people I worked with, said previous job left a very, very bitter taste in my mouth such that it'll be probably a few years before I can recover. Seriously. Professionally, it was the most frustrating, dissatisfying, and regretful job I've ever gotten. I do take challenges as they come, but this one drained me emotionally in more ways than I can imagine.

Anyhow, I'll be returning to the US in a couple of months for a short period of time for a research program. I'm so excited, especially when it comes to meeting friends I haven't seen in years. I just hope that during that time, I can be done with the GRE (as in successfully taking AND acing it).

Oh yeah, will go back to school to get a wonderful doctorate degree. It has taken me years to make the decision, and after a wake up call thanks to previous job (something positive had to come out of it), academia and I are meant to be. Crossing fingers I can get into my top choices and finally start that awaiting chapter of my life. 
I usually don't give an iota about celebrities, but this one has me so confused that I need to complain about it.

I can't understand why Taylor Swift is being portrayed as a role model. Granted, she's not publicly flashing her undies and appears to be all proper. I don't know her personally and shouldn't judge; HOWEVER, even if some male celebrities are complete pig heads, what she's doing with her ex's is pure bullying.

Showing pictures of herself at the studio right after she breaks up as if saying "I'll get my revenge", what kind of example is she giving girls? That they all should find ways to publicly embarrass previous partners/boyfriends/lovers because it's how you "get over it"? There are other more mature ways to deal with this kind of issues.

Moreover, what does the fact of her changing boyfriends as if she was changing underwear say about her? Being called a "prude" aside (it is an excuse), she could perhaps find someone good if she weren't just going after the next available man in Hollywood right after she ends a relationship.

I'm very vocal about it because I don't feel it is right for growing girls to think that it is right to go from one man to another just after you ended something. It hurts, but one needs time to think about what went wrong and how to be better and wiser in those aspects of life. Writing revenge songs and going for the next hottie is not how you grow as a person.

There's something called maturity and the ability to realize why some things work and why some don't. It's a pity someone like Taylor Swift, who's clearly admired by many young girls, can't see it herself.

Another year gone

In about 24 hours, a new year will begin and the old one will be left behind. Realistically speaking, it will be just another day. What makes January 1 special is the idea of starting something new, a new cycle full of new hopes, dreams, and goals. 

But what about the year that just passed. Everyone talks about leaving the past in the past, but what if there are things that cannot be abandoned? What about the same goals that we try to achieve every year and yet, there's still so much more to be done? 

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Apr. 28th, 2012

My bestie invited me to a fashion show. It's fashion week this week. I have no idea whatsoever what to wear. In my mind, a simple top, blazer, jeans, and heels. Whatever.

Ficcy fic

Title: C’est la vie… ou un rêve?
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Characters: Kaoru
Prompts: 089. Allucinate, 079. Lunatic
Word Count: 1159
Rating: PG for some swearing

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Insomnia, I dislike thee

It's basically freaking morning and I haven't been able to sleep. I have been awake thinking about anything and everything: from ghosts, possessions, why my younger siblings are annoying to papers and reports I have to write.


I'm tired as hell and feel as if my body will fall apart. Nevertheless, what I'm doing? Searching for articles and papers to finish a report for work--and another paper/article to be published.


ouchie ouch

I sliced my thumb while I was cutting some leeks. It bled, and bled, and bled... until I realized there was part of my thumb hanging slightly (sorry for the details...).

So I cringed, tried to wash off the blood, kept thumb up, covered a hand-towel with more blood, then tried to disinfect injured thumb, saw stars; and brother came, shook his head, held my thumb, and applied some ointment to help the scarring. 

I'm not allowed to cook for the next couple of days.

And it hurts too! Who in the world would think that it's constant pain? O.o

Ouchie ouch...

Feb. 13th, 2012

Dear world,
Thank you for scaring the crap out of me. This is the first time my sister runs out of her room to scream earthquake. She usually doesn't do it--not even the quite strong ones. This time, though, she fled like a madwoman. According to her, the world will end. -_-

First of all, Merry Belated Christmas!

Second of all, mom tells me that she finally found a cook. She's vegetarian, just like her. I can hear my siblings crying when new cook makes her first meal, haha.



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